Study Guide

The Tin Drum Chapter 33

By Günter Grass

Chapter 33


  • Back in Oskar's room in the mental asylum, Oskar asks Bruno to measure his body. He finds that Oskar is over four feet tall, which means he's grown over a foot since Alfred's funeral. And Oskar's convinced that he's still growing.
  • Oskar's body doesn't take his new growth spurt very well. He gets very sick, and no matter how many doctors Maria finds, nobody's able to understand what's wrong with Oskar.
  • Maria decides she's had enough of Danzig, and decides to move her family to her sister's place in Düsseldorf, Germany.
  • Their leaving hits Oskar's grandmother Anna very hard. The poor old woman has pretty much no one left in her life, and she's about to lose Oskar, too. The farewell is very sad.
  • And just like that, Oskar, Maria, and Kurt gets into a train boxcar and set off for their new life in Düsseldorf.