Study Guide

Titus Andronicus Act 2, Scene 2

By William Shakespeare

Act 2, Scene 2

Read the full text of Titus Andronicus Act 2 Scene 2 with a side-by-side translation HERE.

  • The next morning Titus and his sons wait outside the emperor's palace and prepare for a day of hunting.
  • Titus says he didn't sleep well last night but he has a feeling it's going to be a good day.
  • Saturninus, Tamora, Bassianus, Lavinia, Chiron, Demetrius, and a bunch of attendants enter and Titus greets them.
  • Saturninus cracks a joke about how it's way too early in the morning for newly married ladies to be awake (since they're probably exhausted from the all the previous night's steamy activities).
  • Lavinia announces that she's not tired at all – in fact, she's been awake for hours.
  • As everyone talks excitedly about the big panther hunt, Chiron and Demetrius snicker that they're hoping to "pluck a dainty doe to the ground," which is a crude metaphor for their plan to rape Lavinia while everyone else is hunting for panther. (Check out "Symbolism, Imagery, and Allegory" if you want to know more about this.)