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To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

  • Scout climbs into Atticus's lap and tells the story: how she had forgotten her shoes, how they thought it was Cecil so they shouted at him (the sheriff interrupts here to ask if Atticus heard anything: he didn't, but he had the radio on); how she heard the footsteps behind them; how she was still wearing the ham costume.
  • Mr. Tate says the costume explains the strange marks he found on the body, and Atticus goes to get the now squashed ham.
  • They look at the costume, and it's more than squashed—there's a cut where Mr. Ewell had slashed at Scout with a knife.
  • Atticus never thought Ewell would go after the kids, but Tate says that there are some men who are just bad.
  • They go back to Scout's story, and when Tate asks who the other man was, Scout gestures towards the stranger in the corner.
  • Scout finally looks at the man properly and sees his paleness, his thinness, his colorless eyes, and realizes—she's looking at Boo Radley.
  • He smiles shyly at her, and tears come to Scout's eyes as she says, "Hey, Boo" (29.50).

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