Study Guide

To the Lighthouse Part 1, Chapter 3

By Virginia Woolf

Part 1, Chapter 3

  • Mrs. Ramsay consoles her little boy, saying that the weather might still turn fine tomorrow. She does this not because she actually believes it, but because she can see that James really wants to go to the Lighthouse.
  • Mrs. Ramsay begins turning the pages of a catalog, looking for a rake or mowing machine.
  • Mrs. Ramsay is startled when the men stop talking, and concludes that Mr. Tansley has been cast off by the rest of the men. She is fine with this because Mr. Tansley has hurt James with all of his bad weather comments, anyway.
  • Mrs. Ramsay remembers that she has promised to keep her head down for the portrait that Lily Briscoe is painting. She thinks briefly that Lily will never get married, then bends her head again.