Study Guide

Tom Jones Book 1, Chapter 11

By Henry Fielding

Book 1, Chapter 11

Containing Many Rules, and Some Examples, Concerning Falling in Love: Descriptions of Beauty, and Other More Prudential Inducements to Matrimony

  • Bridget quickly falls in love with Captain Blifil.
  • Bridget doesn't care about her new man's looks.
  • (In fact, Captain Blifil is not an attractive guy; the narrator's description makes him sound like an orangutan.)
  • Bridget likes that she can talk comfortably to Captain Blifil.
  • As for Captain Blifil, he likes Bridget's money. So romantic.
  • Captain Blifil is so in love with Squire Allworthy's estates that he would have married them directly if he could have.
  • He's happy to take Bridget if it means he gets a claim to Squire Allworthy's property in the bargain.
  • After all, Squire Allworthy has no children and no plans to marry again.
  • So all of his property would go to any children Bridget might have.