Study Guide

Tom Jones Book 1, Chapter 12

By Henry Fielding

Book 1, Chapter 12

Containing What the Reader May, Perhaps, Expect to Find In It

  • Less than a month after all of this courting, Captain Blifil and Bridget elope together.
  • Dr. Blifil then goes to break the news to Squire Allworthy.
  • Squire Allworthy is surprisingly okay with the whole thing: he believes that people should marry for love. (Revolutionary, right?)
  • He goes off on a long sermon:
  • (a) Beauty is a nice thing, but it's wrong to marry for beauty alone.
  • (b) While money is important, it's still wrong to get married just for money.
  • Dr. Blifil listens quietly to all of this, even though he doesn't always agree—he's smart enough to know when to shut up and listen to the guy who pays his bills.