Study Guide

Tom Jones Book 1, Chapter 13

By Henry Fielding

Book 1, Chapter 13

Which Concludes the First Book; With an Instance of Ingratitude, Which, We Hope, Will Appear Unnatural

  • Dr. Blifil tells his brother that he has smoothed things over with Squire Allworthy.
  • Everything is all ready for Captain and the new Mrs. Blifil to make up with the Squire.
  • But it's not like Captain Blifil is going to be grateful to his brother for his help.
  • (That would be way too logical and kind for the people in this book).
  • Once Captain Blifil and Bridget have returned to Squire Allworthy's house, Captain Blifil makes it his new job to get rid of his brother.
  • Now that he's made his fortune, he doesn't want Dr. Blifil somehow horning in.
  • He starts treating Dr. Blifil like garbage, and everyone in the household notices this sudden change.
  • Finally, Dr. Blifil can't stand the Captain's constant rudeness.
  • So Dr. Blifil leaves Squire Allworthy's house and dies, broken-hearted and alone, in the city.
  • It turns out that Captain Blifil has always kind of hated his brother.
  • Captain Blifil is jealous of his brother's smarts, which makes him work to get rid of Dr. Blifil—permanently.