Study Guide

Tom Jones Book 1, Chapter 5

By Henry Fielding

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Book 1, Chapter 5

Containing a Few Common Matters, With a Very Uncommon Observation Upon Them

  • Bridget immediately gives orders for expensive nursery decorations.
  • She treats the baby as though he is her own.
  • But just in case people get the wrong idea, she also insists that she's only being kind because her brother insists on adopting "the little brat" (1.5.2).
  • The narrator observes that Bridget often grumbles when she does what her brother wants her to do.
  • In fact, most people complain when they are doing favors for others.
  • We complain to remind everyone that they owe us big time for our help—even if we don't mind doing the favor in the first place.

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