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Tom Jones Book 10, Chapter 4

By Henry Fielding

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Book 10, Chapter 4

Containing Infallible Nostrums for Procuring Universal Disesteem and Hatred

  • As soon as the lady goes to sleep, her maid goes back to the kitchen looking for food.
  • Everyone stands when she comes in, and she forgets to tell them to sit down again.
  • She sits right in front of the fire and demands a broiled chicken right then.
  • The landlady doesn't have a chicken, but she offers mutton instead.
  • The maid gets very hoity-toity about having to eat sheep at this time of night.
  • Nothing pleases the maid, and her manner is really snobby and high-and-mighty.
  • (In other words, everything that the rich lady did to make the people at the inn comfortable, her maid does the opposite.)
  • She says that Partridge may stay, so long as he is a gentleman.
  • She asks about the "people of great quality" (10.4.8) supposedly staying at the inn.
  • The landlady name-drops Squire Allworthy. She claims that his son is staying with them.
  • The maid says she knows Squire Allworthy well, and that he has no son.
  • Partridge answers that everyone knows this boy is Squire Allworthy's son, even if his last name is Jones.
  • At the sound of Tom's name, the maid shouts, "Is it possible Mr. Jones should be now in the house?" (10.4.11).
  • When Partridge confirms, the maid runs to her employer.

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