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Tom Jones Book 10, Chapter 6

By Henry Fielding

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Book 10, Chapter 6

Containing, Among Other Things, the Ingenuity of Partridge, the Madness of Jones, and the Folly of Fitzpatrick

  • It's five in the morning, and the new day is beginning.
  • The sergeant, the coachman, and Partridge all drink a toast together. (At 5 a.m.? Gosh, guys, give your bodies a rest.)
  • Tom calls for Partridge, and the two get ready to set out again.
  • Partridge jokes about the two women he stopped from invading Tom's room the night before.
  • Tom spots the muff that Susan smuggled into his room.
  • He shouts at Partridge: where are those two women?!
  • Partridge says they're probably miles away by now.
  • Tom really, really freaks out.
  • He screams at Partridge and at himself for missing the opportunity to see Sophia.
  • We now have to jump back in time a little.
  • The coach taking Sophia and Mrs. Honour to Bath is actually a rented coach.
  • There are four seats for hire, and Sophia and Mrs. Honour are only filling half of them.
  • When the coachman hears that Mr. Maclachlan is going to Bath too, he suggests that Mr. Maclachlan take one of the spare seats in the coach.
  • Mr. Machlachlan agrees and wants Mr. Fitzpatrick to come with him.
  • Mr. Machlachlan has also heard that a fine lady came to the inn that night.
  • He suggests to Mr. Fitzpatrick that it might be his wife.
  • Mr. Fitzpatrick is so dumb that he immediately starts running all through the inn looking for her.
  • But of course, he doesn't find her.

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