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Tom Jones Book 10, Chapter 7

By Henry Fielding

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Book 10, Chapter 7

In Which Are Concluded the Adventures That Happened at the Inn at Upton

  • The gentleman who has just arrived at the inn is Squire Western himself.
  • His daughter leaves just before he can get her.
  • He also just misses his niece, because it turns out that somehow, Mrs. Fitzpatrick is actually originally a Western.
  • (This book is like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Somehow, everyone is connected to everyone else.)
  • The inn is full of confusion, as Squire Western is searching for Sophia and Mr. Fitzpatrick is searching for his wife.
  • And then, Squire Western spots Tom.
  • And Tom happens to be carrying Sophia's muff.
  • Tom swears that he has not seen Sophia, but no one believes him.
  • Squire Western tries to get Tom convicted on a charge of "stealing daughters" (10.7.11).
  • But Mr. Fitzpatrick says the real crime here is the stolen muff, since they have the physical evidence right there.
  • Partridge swears that he is the one who found the muff and Susan tells how Sophia bribed her to leave it in Tom's room.
  • So all the charges of theft against Tom are dismissed.
  • Squire Western is so angry that he rides off at once looking for his daughter.
  • Tom also leaves with Partridge.
  • And Mrs. Waters takes the coach to Bath along with Misters Maclachlan and Fitzpatrick.
  • In fact, she and Mr. Fitzpatrick take to each other, and she comforts him over the loss of his wife.

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