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Tom Jones Book 10, Chapter 8

By Henry Fielding

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Book 10, Chapter 8

In Which the History Goes Backwards

  • Before going on with the story, we're going to jump even further back in time.
  • The narrator takes us back to the morning that the Westerns discover Sophia has run away (back in Book 7, Chapter 9).
  • Early that morning, Squire Western sends a messenger to Mr. Blifil to come to the house.
  • He, Squire Western, and Mrs. Western have breakfast.
  • They send a servant to call Sophia.
  • The servant returns to say that, in fact, they can't find her.
  • Squire Western goes all around his estate shouting for Sophia, but (of course) she doesn't turn up.
  • Mrs. Western helpfully tells him that it's all his fault Sophia ran away.
  • Mrs. Western blames him for spoiling his daughter and giving in to her every wish.
  • Squire Western storms out.
  • Mrs. Western turns to Mr. Blifil (who's just been sitting there this whole time) to keep complaining about her brother's weakness towards his daughter.
  • Mr. Blifil goes home disappointed.

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