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Tom Jones Book 10, Chapter 9

By Henry Fielding

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Book 10, Chapter 9

The Escape of Sophia

  • And now, we jump back to the night of Sophia's escape from her horrible father.
  • At midnight, Sophia sneaks out of the house and goes to meet Mrs. Honour.
  • A post-boy accompanies the two women; his job will be to look after their horses.
  • But before they get too far on the London Road, Sophia stops the post-boy to ask him to take them to Bristol instead.
  • The post-boy mentions the trouble he had with "the gentleman from Squire Allworthy's" (10.9.12) on the road to Bristol.
  • Sophia realizes that this post-boy must be the same guy who guided Tom south.
  • Sophia bribes the post-boy to bring her to where he left Tom.
  • Mrs. Honour shouts at Sophia that her original plan was to go to London.
  • Has she given this trip any thought at all?! It's indecent to follow a man around like this!
  • Sophia has had a rough couple of days, but Mrs. Honour's advice seems to calm her down.
  • She realizes that her plan of following Tom may not have been totally wise.
  • They head back north to Gloucester, in the direction of London.
  • She stops at the Bell and then rides on to Upton.
  • And that's where, of course, she almost runs into Tom.
  • Meanwhile, her father has traced her path starting with information from the post-boy and going from there.
  • That's how he almost catches Sophia at Upton.

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