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Tom Jones Book 11, Chapter 5

By Henry Fielding

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Book 11, Chapter 5

In Which the History of Mrs. Fitzpatrick Is Continued

  • Mr. and Mrs. Fitzpatrick only spend two weeks in Bath before heading back to Mr. Fitzpatrick's home in Ireland.
  • They can't touch her inheritance for another two years, so money is a problem.
  • The day before they are supposed to leave, Mrs. Fitzpatrick finds a letter from someone Mr. Fitzpatrick owes.
  • In this letter, Mr. Fitzpatrick's creditor blames him for making false promises about his debts.
  • Apparently, Mr. Fitzpatrick has been holding off his creditors by saying that soon, he'll be married "to this lady, and t'other lady; but [the creditor] can neither live on hopes or promises" (11.5.2).
  • When Mr. Fitzpatrick comes home, she shows the letter to him.
  • He sweet-talks her into thinking that he didn't marry her for her money.
  • And the two of them travel to Ireland the next day.
  • Mr. Fitzpatrick's mansion is a huge pile, mostly empty of furniture.
  • The whole place is so depressing that Mrs. Fitzpatrick doesn't know what to do.
  • It doesn't help that Mr. Fitzpatrick has turned cold and scornful.
  • He actively gets annoyed when Mrs. Fitzpatrick is happy, and he cheers up when she's sad.
  • Mr. Fitzpatrick's open contempt towards his wife soon makes her hate him.
  • In the middle of this dark situation, Mrs. Fitzpatrick has a child.

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