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Tom Jones Book 11, Chapter 9

By Henry Fielding

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Book 11, Chapter 9

The Morning Introduced in Some Pretty Writing. A Stage Coach. The Civility of Chambermaids. The Heroic Temper of Sophia. Her Generosity. The Return to It. The Departure of the Company, and Their Arrival at London; With Some Remarks for the Use of Travellers

  • It's seven in the morning, and Mrs. Fitzpatrick and Sophia are ready to hit the road with their Irish nobleman.
  • Sophia gives the landlord a present to make up for his bloody nose from Mrs. Honour.
  • She notices that her hundred-pound note has suddenly gone missing.
  • That's really bad, since that money is all that she has in the world.
  • She decides that she must have dropped it when she fell off her horse in the dark in Book 11, Chapter 2.
  • She gives up worrying about it, since there is nothing else for her to do.
  • Incidentally, the landlord is very happy with his present from Sophia.
  • The narrator won't tell us how much it was for.
  • Sophia, Mrs. Fitzpatrick, and the Irish nobleman only take two days to travel to London.
  • Nothing really happens on their trip, so the narrator is going to skip over it.

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