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Tom Jones Book 12, Chapter 10

By Henry Fielding

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Book 12, Chapter 10

In Which Mr. Jones and Mr. Dowling Drink a Bottle Together

  • Mr. Dowling tries to drink a toast to Squire Allworthy and Mr. Blifil.
  • Tom is okay with toasting Squire Allworthy, but he refuses to celebrate Mr. Blifil.
  • Tom says that Mr. Blifil looks decent, but that he is actually a lying fiend.
  • Mr. Dowling thinks it's unfair that a guy like that should inherit Squire Allworthy's estate.
  • Mr. Dowling wants to know the whole story of how Tom came to join Squire Allworthy's household.
  • So Tom tells it, and Mr. Dowling is very moved.
  • Mr. Dowling also doesn't understand how this all happened, unless someone was specifically influencing Squire Allworthy against him.
  • Why, Tom might have expected to be Squire Allworthy's heir!
  • Tom doesn't care about any potential inheritance.
  • Perhaps it's because of the inheritance that Mr. Blifil has been so cruel to Tom.
  • But Tom doesn't care, because he knows that he is innocent.
  • Mr. Dowling is very impressed by Tom's statements.
  • As soon as Tom hears the horses are ready, he pays his bill and Tom, Partridge, and the guide hit the road.

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