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Tom Jones Book 12, Chapter 11

By Henry Fielding

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Book 12, Chapter 11

The Disasters Which Befel Jones on His Departure for Coventry, With the Sage Remarks of Partridge

  • The road from Coventry to London is really obvious.
  • It should be impossible to get lost except that, somehow, Tom and Partridge are.
  • They've been going on small side roads instead of the main road, and the weather is bad.
  • Partridge believes that they've been cursed by a witch.
  • Tom laughs, and Partridge falls from his horse. (Luckily, he's not injured.)
  • This fall makes Patridge sure that a witch is involved.
  • Tom asks, if this is a witch's curse, why Partridge was the one who fell off his horse when it was Tom who was mocking the whole idea of witchcraft?
  • The guide and his horse then promptly fall in the mud.
  • They are both fine, fortunately.
  • Partridge, again, takes this as proof that a witch is casting an evil spell on them. Partridge believes that they have been bewitched to go in circles.
  • Partridge thinks they should find an inn and hide, but Tom doesn't listen.

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