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Tom Jones Book 12, Chapter 9

By Henry Fielding

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Book 12, Chapter 9

Containing Little More Than a Few Odd Observations

  • After an hour, Tom grabs Partridge.
  • Tom has hired the post-boy, Sophia's former guide, to take him to the same inn where he left Sophia and Mrs. Fitzpatrick (the one just past the River Severn).
  • So Tom, Partridge, and Sophia's former guide (who we are now just going to call "the guide") set off on horseback.
  • Partridge is excited not to be traveling on foot any longer.
  • They reach a midway point on their trip, and Tom immediately calls for more horses to keep going on the road.
  • But there are no other horses available, and it's getting dark.
  • A man calls out Tom's name.
  • It's the lawyer, Mr. Dowling, from Book 8, Chapter 9.
  • He greets Tom and advises him not to travel right now; the roads are bad.
  • Tom wants to keep going, even if it's on foot.
  • Mr. Dowling then turns to the guide, insisting that the guide (and his borrowed horses) continue on with Tom.
  • Finally, the guide agrees, but only if the horses are given a chance to rest properly.
  • Tom and Mr. Dowling sit down for a glass of wine while they wait.

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