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Tom Jones Book 13, Chapter 10

By Henry Fielding

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Book 13, Chapter 10

A Chapter Which, Tho' Short, May Draw Tears From Some Eyes

  • Mrs. Miller knocks on Tom's door and asks him to come have tea in her parlor.
  • She introduces Tom to her cousin, Mr. Anderson, whom Tom saved with his money.
  • As soon as the two men see each other, they look shocked.
  • Tom recognizes Mr. Anderson as the would-be highwayman from Book 13, Chapter 4.
  • Mr. Anderson exclaims that he owes everything to Tom.
  • Tom wants to head off Mr. Anderson from saying anything about the robbery, since he doesn't want Mrs. Miller to know that her cousin tried to commit a crime.
  • Mr. Anderson tells Tom that, thanks to his kindness, he has been able to get beds and food for his children.
  • His son's illness is all healed, and his wife has recovered from childbirth.
  • Mr. Anderson is a happy man, and it's all because of Tom.
  • Both Mr. Anderson and Mrs. Miller shower Tom with thanks.
  • Tom is just glad that he could help; knowing that Mr. Anderson's family is back on solid ground is really the only reward he wants.
  • It's time for Tom to go and meet Lady Bellaston, so he takes off.

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