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Tom Jones Book 13, Chapter 4

By Henry Fielding

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Book 13, Chapter 4

Which Consists of Visiting

  • Tom goes to see Mrs. Fitzpatrick a second time.
  • She demands to know his business with her cousin.
  • Tom takes out the little book and explains (a) how he found it, and (b) what was inside (in other words, the hundred-pound note).
  • He wants to give the money back to Sophia.
  • As soon as he finishes talking, a terrible noise echoes through the house.
  • It's a servant knocking loudly on the door.
  • Lady Bellaston comes rushing in and sits down.
  • And then the same thing happens again, with the knocking: it's the Irish nobleman, this time.
  • The conversation gets very witty and bright, but it has no meaning to it.
  • Once the Irish nobleman comes in, he, Lady Bellaston, and Mrs. Fitzpatrick talk only to each other, ignoring Tom.
  • Mrs. Fitzpatrick finally shoos Tom away.
  • She asks for his address so that she can send for him tomorrow if there is news.
  • As soon as he's gone, the three people left—who were just totally ignoring him while he was sitting there—suddenly start talking only about Tom.
  • They all have terrible things to say.
  • Lady Bellaston agrees that Sophia won't be attached to Tom for long.

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