Study Guide

Tom Jones Book 14, Chapter 10

By Henry Fielding

Book 14, Chapter 10

A Short Chapter, Which Concludes the Book

  • The Nightingales are gone for a noticeably long time.
  • And the rest of the party can hear occasional shouts.
  • Mrs. Miller and Nancy both suspect that something is going on with the Nightingales.
  • But the Nightingales are so caught up in pretending nothing is wrong that they don't notice their suspicion.
  • Bro Nightingale takes Mr. Nightingale off with him.
  • But before leaving, Mr. Nightingale whispers to Nancy that he'll see her the next morning.
  • Tom recognizes that Mr. Nightingale has probably told his uncle everything.
  • Before Tom can stop Mr. Nightingale to ask him what's wrong, a maid arrives to say he has a visitor.
  • It's Mrs. Honour, and she has terrible news about Sophia.
  • Once Tom hears this news, he can't think of anything else.