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Tom Jones Book 14, Chapter 4

By Henry Fielding

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Book 14, Chapter 4

Which We Hope Will Be Very Attentively Perused by Young People of Both Sexes

  • Mr. Nightingale comes by Tom's room and teases him about his late-night lady.
  • Tom has only been in town for two weeks! He's a fast worker.
  • Tom tells Mr. Nightingale that Mrs. Miller wants him to move out.
  • Mr. Nightingale agrees that he's probably going to go today, too.
  • Tom thinks he knows why: it's Nancy, isn't it?
  • Tom scolds Mr. Nightingale for raising her hopes by flirting with her so often.
  • Mr. Nightingale thinks Tom's scolding is rich, coming from the man who just had a lady in his rooms the night before.
  • Tom agrees that he has slept around too much.
  • But he has never permanently hurt anyone (that he knows of).
  • Now, Mr. Nightingale may never have slept with Nancy (and Tom doesn't think he has), but he has made her fall in love with him.
  • Mr. Nightingale says he's leaving the house for that reason: he's hoping that time and distance will make them both think less of each other.
  • The real trouble is, Mr. Nightingale's father has engaged him to a woman he has never met.
  • She's coming to town so that Mr. Nightingale can start wooing her.
  • Tom and Mr. Nightingale agree to get a place together.
  • Mr. Nightingale is going to move out first, and then Tom's going to follow him.

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