Study Guide

Tom Jones Book 15, Chapter 10

By Henry Fielding

Book 15, Chapter 10

Consisting Party of Facts, and Partly of Observations Upon Them

  • The letter that Mrs. Miller receives is from Squire Allworthy.
  • He wants to come to London right away with his nephew, and he needs two rooms to stay in.
  • Mrs. Miller doesn't know what to do.
  • She can't just turn her new son-in-law out into the street.
  • But she doesn't want to refuse Squire Allworthy—he's always been so kind to her.
  • Tom reminds Mrs. Miller that he's on his way out of his rooms anyway.
  • He also reassures her that Mr. and Mrs. Nightingale will be happy to go to their new lodgings.
  • Mrs. Miller is thrilled to hear this small confirmation ("Mrs. Nightingale") of her daughter's new married status.
  • Tom pretends to be happy along with everyone else.
  • But inside, he's worrying endlessly about Sophia.
  • He's sure he knows why Mr. Blifil is planning a trip to London. (Forced marriage, the fiend!)
  • He waits anxiously for Mrs. Honour to deliver a letter from Sophia.
  • When a letter finally comes, it's from Mrs. Honour.
  • She tells Tom that Lady Bellaston has hired her.
  • She is deeply happy at her new job.
  • She is sure Tom will get Sophia in the end, so—good luck with that!
  • Tom imagines a thousand terrifying reasons for why Lady Bellaston might want to control Mrs. Honour.
  • In reality, Lady Bellaston hires Mrs. Honour because she doesn't want her to spread around the truth of her affair with Tom, especially not to Sophia.