Study Guide

Tom Jones Book 15, Chapter 12

By Henry Fielding

Book 15, Chapter 12

A Discovery Made By Partridge

  • Partridge comes dancing into Tom's room.
  • He is thrilled because he has good news.
  • He has found Sophia.
  • Squire Western has brought a number of servants with him.
  • One of these servants is none other than our old frenemy, the gamekeeper, Black George.
  • Partridge strikes up a conversation with Black George over some beer.
  • He finds out that Mr. Blifil is indeed coming to London to marry Sophia.
  • Partridge broadly hints to Black George that Tom wants to marry Sophia.
  • Black George seems sympathetic to Tom.
  • He finds out that Black George is currently working as a servant in Squire Western's house.
  • So Tom realizes that he now has a way to get a letter to Sophia.