Study Guide

Tom Jones Book 15, Chapter 4

By Henry Fielding

Book 15, Chapter 4

By Which It Will Appear How Dangerous an Advocate a Lady Is, When She Applies Her Eloquency to an Ill Purpose

  • Lady Bellaston listens Lord Fellamar's concerns about their evil plan.
  • She mocks him for being a coward.
  • She tells him that women like forceful men.
  • And anyway, he plans to marry Sophia, doesn't he?
  • Lady Bellaston insists that she's only cooperating with this plan because she thinks it's for Sophia's own good. (Gross.)
  • Lord Fellamar finds Lady Bellaston convincing, especially because she is a woman.
  • Lord Fellamar agrees that he is "a man of spirit" (15.4.3) and he will go ahead make Sophia his.