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Tom Jones Book 15, Chapter 5

By Henry Fielding

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Book 15, Chapter 5

Containing Some Matters Which May Affect, and Others Which May Surprize the Reader

  • Sophia is sitting reading a domestic tragedy called The Fatal Marriage. (Foreshadowing!)
  • She drops her book and begins to weep.
  • Lord Fellamar comes in.
  • Lord Fellamar basically declares that he is so in love with her he can't control himself.
  • He showers her with compliments.
  • Sophia tells him point blank that she has no interest in him at all.
  • Lord Fellamar grabs her hand.
  • He insists that Sophia will be his.
  • Sophia screams, but no one hears her—Lady Bellaston has emptied out the house.
  • But then, a voice echoes through the halls.
  • Nope, it's not Tom: it's Squire Western, along with his servants and Mr. Supple.
  • When Squire Western bursts in, he sees his daughter sitting on a chair, looking furious and slightly disordered.
  • Lord Fellamar is also sitting down, his wig messed up and his clothes a little roughed up.
  • Squire Western is drunk.
  • He rushes to his daughter and begins shouting awful things until Mr. Supple quiets him.
  • Squire Western insists that he will only forgive Sophia if she marries Mr. Blifil.
  • Mr. Supple asks him to quiet down and stop scaring his daughter.
  • Lady Bellaston comes in.
  • After Squire Western greets her politely, he starts complaining about Sophia.
  • Lady Bellaston agrees that Sophia must accept this match.
  • Squire Western thinks they are talking about Mr. Blifil still.
  • But of course, Lady Bellaston means Lord Fellamar.
  • Lord Fellamar comes forward.
  • He introduces himself to Squire Western as though he is already engaged to Sophia.
  • Squire Western replies about how you would expect: "You are a son of a b— […] for all your laced coat. You my son-in-law, and be d—nd to you!" (15.5.26).
  • Lord Fellamar stomps off.
  • Lady Bellaston turns on Squire Western for refusing such a brilliant match for Sophia.
  • Squire Western demands that Sophia come with him right now.
  • He grabs her hand and marches out the door.
  • Squire Western won't even bring Mrs. Honour with them, since she originally helped Sophia to escape.
  • Lady Bellaston is glad to see Sophia go.

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