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Tom Jones Book 15, Chapter 8

By Henry Fielding

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Book 15, Chapter 8

Short and Sweet

  • Mrs. Miller scolds Tom gently the next morning for the noise from his room the night before.
  • But after she's gotten that out of the way, she asks Tom to come downstairs and give Nancy away.
  • Mr. Nightingale is there, ready for the wedding.
  • At his uncle's house the night before, Bro Nightingale gave Mr. Nightingale wine until he passed out.
  • Bro Nightingale was going to use his nephew's drunkenness to keep him away from Nancy the next morning.
  • But before he could lock up Mr. Nightingale, he got some bad news of his own.
  • As soon as he left for London, Bro Nightingale's daughter eloped with a local clergyman.
  • Bro Nightingale does not at all approve of the match.
  • So he races off home.
  • Bro Nightingale's servant wakes Mr. Nightingale to tell him where his uncle has gone.
  • Mr. Nightingale immediately heads over to Mrs. Miller's house.
  • (That's why he was so drunk when he tried to come into Tom's room.)
  • The next morning, everybody is where they are supposed to be: Mr. Nightingale, Mrs. Miller, Nancy, Betsy, and Tom.
  • There's nothing to prevent Nancy and Mr. Nightingale from getting married.

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