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Tom Jones Book 16, Chapter 7

By Henry Fielding

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Book 16, Chapter 7

In Which Mr. Western Pays a Visit to His Sister, In Company With Mr. Western

  • Mrs. Western is lecturing Sophia when Squire Western and Mr. Blifil suddenly arrive.
  • Mrs. Western scolds her brother for arriving unexpectedly.
  • She points out that Squire Western has shocked Sophia.
  • She sends Sophia off to collect herself.
  • Squire Western is annoyed that he's brought Mr. Blifil all the way over here, just for Mrs. Western to send Sophia away.
  • Mrs. Western says that this is all too abrupt.
  • Mrs. Western insists that Mr. Blifil pass on a message to Sophia.
  • Then, he can come back in the afternoon and meet with Sophia at the polite, proper time for visiting.
  • Mrs. Western also wants to see Squire Western that afternoon, since she has something to tell him.
  • But that has to wait: she's in the middle of dressing for the day.
  • Squire Western leaves thinking that his sister is an unreasonable old bat.
  • Mr. Blifil leaves feeling even more annoyed than Squire Western.
  • Mr. Blifil suspects that something has happened to cause trouble with his marriage to Sophia, but he can't guess what.

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