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Tom Jones Book 17, Chapter 5

By Henry Fielding

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Book 17, Chapter 5

Mrs. Miller and Mr. Nightingale Visit Jones in Prison

  • When Squire Allworthy and Mr. Blifil go to see Squire Western, Mrs. Miller runs off to visit Mr. Nightingale.
  • Mr. Nightingale has already heard the bad news about Tom from Partridge.
  • They (Mrs. Miller, Mr. Nightingale, and Partridge) all agree to visit Tom in jail at once.
  • Partridge tells Tom that Mr. Fitzpatrick is still alive, though the doctor says he's going to die.
  • Mr. Nightingale comforts Tom that he's not to blame for Mr. Fitzpatrick's death, and the courts will agree with him.
  • Tom is just sad that he injured somebody else.
  • Also, he's sad because (yet once more) he has lost Sophia.
  • Mrs. Miller offers to go and talk to Sophia herself.
  • She'll do anything she can to help, since she owes Tom so much.
  • Tom gives Mrs. Miller a letter for Sophia.
  • And then Mrs. Miller and Mr. Nightingale chat with Tom to cheer him up.
  • When they leave him, he is in much better spirits.
  • He's glad to hear that Mrs. Miller is also willing to speak on his behalf to Squire Allworthy.
  • Mr. Nightingale swears that he will check on Mr. Fitzpatrick and then track down the witnesses to the duel.
  • Mrs. Miller goes straight to find Sophia.

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