Study Guide

Tom Jones Book 18, Chapter 13

By Henry Fielding

Book 18, Chapter 13

In Which the History Is Concluded

  • Mr. Nightingale sees his father, Nightingale Senior, and his uncle, Bro Nightingale, that afternoon.
  • Mr. Nightingale has gotten lucky, since he andhis cousin Harriet have both just gotten married without their fathers' consent.
  • This is useful because Nightingale Senior and Bro Nightingale like to criticize each other for how they have each raised their children.
  • Both of them have been exaggerating the terribleness of the other's new son/daughter-in-law.
  • Nightingale Senior can't be too critical of his son's marriage while he is insulting his niece's match.
  • Bro Nightingale really does love his daughter, so as soon as he meets her husband, he treats both of them like he wanted the marriage in the first place.
  • So things are pretty good around the Nightingale household when Squire Allworthy, Tom, Squire Western, and Sophia arrive.
  • Squire Western is so overjoyed that he insists that everyone come to a party at his lodging the next day.
  • So now, the story has reached a happy ending, and Tom is the happiest of men.
  • Squire Allworthy refuses to see Mr. Blifil ever again, but he has settled an income on him: 200 pounds a year ($40,000), to which Tom has added another hundred (so, $60,000 total).
  • Mr. Blifil is working in politics in the north of England.
  • Mr. Square has died, but Mr. Thwackum continues to work as a priest.
  • He also keeps trying to suck up to Squire Allworthy, but Squire Allworthy isn't having it.
  • Mrs. Fitzpatrick has legally separated from her husband and now lives in London.
  • She and the Irish nobleman's wife have become great friends.
  • Mrs. Western makes up with Sophia, and stays with her for two months in the country.
  • Lady Bellaston congratulates Tom on his marriage as though he were a complete stranger to her.
  • Nightingale Senior buys an estate near Tom's home for his son.
  • Mr. Nightingale lives there with Nancy, Mrs. Miller, and Betsy (Mrs. Miller's youngest daughter).
  • Mrs. Waters has come back to Somersetshire.
  • Squire Allworthy gives her a pension of 60 pounds a year ($12,000 today).
  • She marries Mr. Supple, who has also just gotten a great job as a clergyman on Squire Western's estate.
  • Black George runs away when he hears that his theft has been discovered. No one ever hears from him again.
  • Tom gives the 500 pounds Black George stole to the Seagrim family, most of it to Molly specifically.
  • Partridge gets 50 pounds a year ($10,000) from Tom.
  • He is setting up a school, which is a lot more successful this time around than his earlier efforts.
  • He is also in the process of marrying Molly Seagrim.
  • Sophia and Tom head back to the country from London two days after getting married.
  • Squire Western retires from his estate and leaves most of its management to Tom.
  • He goes to another house on his property, which is better for hunting.
  • Sophia and Tom have two children, a boy and a girl.
  • Squire Allworthy is also very generous to Tom once he marries.
  • The two of them speak frequently.
  • Whenever Tom seems like he might backslide into his bad old ways, Squire Allworthy's encouragement saves him.
  • So to conclude, Sophia and Tom love each other dearly.
  • They are universally popular, and there is "not a neighbour, a tenant, or a servant, who doth not most gratefully bless the day when Mr. Jones was married to his Sophia" (18.13.24).