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Tom Jones Book 2, Chapter 3

By Henry Fielding

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Book 2, Chapter 3

The Description of a Domestic Government Founded Upon Rules Directly Contrary to Those of Aristotle

  • So, we're jumping back to Jenny Jones.
  • Remember how she used to live with the local schoolteacher (Mr. Partridge) and his wife (Mrs. Partridge) as a servant?
  • Well, Mr. Partridge has taught her all the Latin and literature that he knows.
  • And Jenny Jones has long since outdone him in terms of smarts.
  • (In the words of Darth Vader, Jenny Jones was "but a learner. Now [she is] the master." Except with fewer light sabers.)
  • Jenny Jones isn't pretty, so Mrs. Partridge has never been suspicious of her closeness to Mr. Partridge.
  • That is, until a couple of years have passed and Mrs. Partridge can't keep her jealousy at bay any longer.
  • One night, when Mr. Partridge uses terrible Latin to ask Jenny for something to drink, Mrs. Partridge flies off the handle.
  • She believes that Jenny and Mr. Partridge are talking about love right in front of her face (since she can't understand Latin).
  • So she fires Jenny Jones on the spot, and boots her out of the Partridges' house.
  • Jenny Jones packs up her stuff and goes home.
  • Secretly, Mr. Partridge is happy that his wife has sacked Jenny Jones.
  • Jenny is so much smarter than he is that he has been getting jealous of her.
  • Now, he doesn't have to see her any more, and be reminded of how pathetic his own tiny brain is.

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