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Tom Jones Book 2, Chapter 7

By Henry Fielding

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Book 2, Chapter 7

A Short Sketch of that Felicity Which Prudent Couples May Extract From Hatred; With a Short Apology for Those People Who Over-look Imperfections in Their Friends

  • So Captain Blifil has ruined Mr. Partridge's life, but he still hasn't succeeded in getting Tom thrown out of Squire Allworthy's house.
  • As Squire Allworthy's fatherly love for little Tom grows, Captain Blifil gets more and more bitter.
  • And Captain Blifil's marriage is also turning sour. Serve him right, huh?
  • He and Bridget cannot agree on issues of religion, and both of them argue about it so much that they now really despise each other.
  • In private, Captain Blifil and Bridget absolutely love to torment and hurt each other.
  • But they always try to keep their arguments away from Squire Allworthy, since they don't want him to be unhappy with them.
  • Squire Allworthy knows that there is tension in his sister's marriage (he's not stupid, after all).
  • But he doesn't realize exactly how bad Captain Blifil truly is.

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