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Tom Jones Book 3, Chapter 1

By Henry Fielding

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Book 3, Chapter 1

Containing Little Or Nothing

  • (Favorite. Chapter title. Ever. And it's pretty accurate.)
  • The reason this chapter contains "little or nothing" is because it skims over twelve years in the lives of our main characters.
  • The narrator asks us to imagine Squire Allworthy's sadness at the death of his friend, Captain Blifil.
  • The narrator also wants us to picture Bridget's close attention to the social rules in mourning her husband publicly.
  • (Whether there is any real substance or feeling behind that show of mourning, we'll leave up to you guys to decide.)
  • Finally, our actual hero, Tom Jones, has reached fourteen years old.
  • And now, we are going to restart the story with him at the center.

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