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Tom Jones Book 3, Chapter 6

By Henry Fielding

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Book 3, Chapter 6

Containing a Better Reason Still for the Before Mentioned Opinions

  • There is actually another reason that Mr. Thwackum and Mr. Square so clearly treat Master Blifil better than Tom.
  • Both of them want to marry Bridget (you know, the now-widowed Mrs. Blifil).
  • Since she must prefer her own son to Squire Allworthy's random ward, they try to suck up to her by putting down Tom.
  • The two men absolutely hate each other, since both guess that the other wants to marry Bridget.
  • Bridget refuses to accept either of their proposals (maybe because she is so fed up with marriage after Captain Blifil that she doesn't want to try it again.)
  • But she becomes close enough to Mr. Square that people start to gossip about the two of them.
  • She also starts to give out mixed signals about the whole Tom/Master Blifil comparison.
  • Slowly, it becomes clear that she actually doesn't like her son all that much.
  • But as Tom grows up and becomes more and more handsome and dashing, she seems fonder and fonder of him.
  • In fact, by the time he's almost eighteen, the gossip puts Bridget and Tom together in some kind of affair. Yowza!

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