Study Guide

Tom Jones Book 3, Chapter 7

By Henry Fielding

Book 3, Chapter 7

In Which the Author Himself Makes His Appearance On the Stage

  • It turns out to be kind of bad for Tom that Bridget likes him so much.
  • The problem is, Squire Allworthy (who usually doesn't pay attention to gossip) does notice that his sister apparently hates her own son.
  • As soon as he realizes how much Bridget despises Master Blifil, he begins to feel sorry for his nephew.
  • In his pity, he sees all of Master Blifil's good points magnified, and he ignores all of Master Blifil's bad points (of which there are many).
  • Squire Allworthy also suddenly sees Tom as much worse than he actually is.
  • And Tom doesn't help matters by being wild and rowdy all the time.