Study Guide

Tom Jones Book 4, Chapter 12

By Henry Fielding

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Book 4, Chapter 12

Containing Much Clearer Matters; But Which Flow From the Same Fountain With Those in the Preceding Chapter

  • Sophia barely sleeps that night.
  • When her maid, Mrs. Honour, comes in to dress Sophia in the morning, she can't stop gossiping about Molly.
  • Finally, Sophia snaps at her to shut up about Molly.
  • Mrs. Honour stomps off, offended.
  • Sophia realizes at last that she has been falling in love with Tom.
  • But she thinks this business of Molly has cured her of her feelings.
  • Sadly, no—as soon as Sophia sees Tom again, her love comes rushing back.
  • She does her best to force herself to stop loving Tom.
  • But no matter what she does, Sophia cannot control her heart.
  • So she decides to avoid him in the future.
  • (This plan doesn't work out either.)

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