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Tom Jones Book 5, Chapter 2

By Henry Fielding

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Book 5, Chapter 2

In Which Mr. Jones Receives Many Friendly Visits During His Confinement; With Some Fine Touches of the Passion of Love, Scarce Visible to the Naked Eye

  • As Tom sits in bed waiting for his arm to heal, he gets lots of visitors.
  • Squire Allworthy comes quite often, for one.
  • But (unfortunately for Tom) he spends a lot of his visiting hours gently lecturing Tom on his past misdeeds.
  • Mr. Thwackum also visits.
  • He screams at Tom that his injury is a judgment from God of Tom's rotten character.
  • Mr. Square reminds Tom that this injury has no moral implications at all. It's just, um, an injury.
  • Master (now Mr., since he's grown up) Blifil comes sometimes, but never on his own.
  • Mr. Blifil doesn't want Tom's bad influence to taint his own moral character. (What a little creep!)
  • Squire Western also likes to hang out in Tom's sick room (regardless of how Tom is feeling or whether he is asleep or awake).
  • Basically, Tom's time in bed would be an absolute nightmare, except for one thing.
  • The lovely Sophia has also been keeping Tom company.
  • One afternoon, she's playing music for Tom and her father.
  • Squire Western launches into a long story about Tom.
  • He tells Sophia that Tom wanted to put down Sophia's mare, the one that threw and almost killed her.
  • Squire Western thinks that Tom wants revenge on the mare because of his own broken arm.
  • But Sophia secretly realizes that Tom hates the mare because Tom hated seeing Sophia in danger.
  • Tom sees Sophia blushing and figures out that she knows that he likes her.
  • It dawns on Tom that he more than likes Sophia—he loves her. Aww, those crazy kids.

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