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Tom Jones Book 6, Chapter 13

By Henry Fielding

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Book 6, Chapter 13

The Behaviour of Sophia on the Present Occasion; Where None of Her Sex Will Blame, Who Are Capable of Behaving in the Same Manner, And the Discussion of a Knotty Point in the Court of Conscience

  • Sophia spends most of her day being lectured by Mrs. Western on the importance of just getting married already.
  • Squire Western locks Sophia inside her room and gives the key to Mrs. Honour.
  • Mrs. Honour is allowed to bring Sophia whatever she wants except for a pen and paper.
  • That evening, Mrs. Honour secretly delivers Tom's letter to Sophia.
  • Sophia wails to Mrs. Honour that she has been abandoned by Tom.
  • Mrs. Honour starts pointing out that Mr. Blifil will be squire someday, and he hasn't impregnated any ladies—maybe Sophia should just switch to Mr. Blifil and get it over with.
  • Sophia doesn't want to hear Mr. Blifil's name.
  • Mrs. Honour tells Sophia that she could have any man she wants.
  • This doesn't help either: Sophia just wants Toooooooom!
  • She suddenly feels terrible that he has been tossed out of the house because of her.
  • She collects all of the money she has (just over sixteen pounds, a big drop from the 500 pounds that Black George just stole) and gives it to Mrs. Honour for Tom.
  • Mrs. Honour gives the sixteen pounds to Black George to deliver to Tom.
  • Black George decides kindly that the sixteen pounds can go to their rightful owner.

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