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Tom Jones Book 6, Chapter 9

By Henry Fielding

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Book 6, Chapter 9

Being of a Much More Tempestuous Kind than the Former

  • Squire Western finds his sister after parting with Tom.
  • He tells Mrs. Western everything Sophia said to him following the meeting with Mr. Blifil.
  • Remember in Book 6, Chapter 5, how Mrs. Western promised to stay silent about Tom only if Sophia agreed to marry Mr. Blifil?
  • Mrs. Western decides that Sophia's unhappiness with Mr. Blifil breaks that agreement.
  • So she feels no guilt about telling Squire Western that Sophia is in love with Tom Jones.
  • Squire Western goes storming up to the room where Sophia and Tom are having their tragic conversation.
  • Sophia faints when she hears her father's furious voice through the door.
  • (This girl faints a lot. Maybe she should get her blood pressure checked?)
  • Squire Western forgets his rage (for a moment) when he sees his fainting daughter.
  • Mrs. Western and the servants come rushing in to help Sophia.
  • Once Sophia regains consciousness, Squire Western's fury comes back in full force.
  • Mrs. Western and Mrs. Honour lead Sophia off.
  • And Squire Western tries to attack Tom.
  • Mr. Supple the curate physically holds Squire Western back.
  • Tom refuses to fight with "the father of Sophia" (6.9.16).
  • This makes Squire Western even angrier. (We're amazed that that's even possible).
  • Mr. Supple finally tells Tom to just leave—they won't be able to talk anything over with Squire Western in this state.
  • Squire Western resolves to see Squire Allworthy about the whole mess the next morning.

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