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Tom Jones Book 7, Chapter 15

By Henry Fielding

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Book 7, Chapter 15

The Conclusion of the Foregoing Adventure

  • The lieutenant thinks that the guard actively helped Northerton escape.
  • What actually happened was this:
  • Northerton feels no guilt at all about hurting Tom.
  • But he is a little concerned about either (a) going to prison, or (b) getting hanged.
  • So he decides to escape.
  • The landlady of their hotel finds Northerton really attractive.
  • He also has a little money, which he passes on to her.
  • She agrees to help him go free.
  • Together, they arrange that he will climb down the chimney when she gives the signal.
  • The landlady then uses the ghost-seeing guard as a scapegoat for Northerton's disappearance.
  • Meanwhile, Tom has safely returned to his sickbed.
  • He hears all of the commotion in the house and asks to see the lieutenant.
  • Tom explains everything about the duel and trying to see Northerton.
  • He promises that the guard is innocent of Northerton's escape.

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