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Tom Jones Book 7, Chapter 2

By Henry Fielding

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Book 7, Chapter 2

Containing a Conversation Which Mr. Jones Had With Himself

  • Jones gets his stuff from Squire Allworthy the following morning.
  • Attached to his luggage is a letter from Mr. Blifil telling Tom not to expect Squire Allworthy ever to forgive him.
  • Tom decides that he has to leave.
  • He can't just keep lingering in the area when he knows he won't be seeing Sophia again.
  • But where should he go?
  • Here, Tom hits a couple of snags:
  • (1) All of the other people he knows are friends of Squire Allworthy's, so he can't expect them to help him; and
  • (2) He has no idea what to do for a job, because you need money to get started in any trade or enterprise.
  • He decides that his only option is to go to sea.
  • So Tom sets off for the city of Bristol (a major port city in the southwest of England).

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