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Tom Jones Book 7, Chapter 5

By Henry Fielding

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Book 7, Chapter 5

The Generous Behaviour of Sophia Towards Her Aunt

  • Squire Western insists that Sophia agree with him about her late mother being horrible. (Ugh, what is wrong with this guy?)
  • When Sophia refuses to say bad things about her deceased mother, Squire Western starts badmouthing his sister.
  • Sophia is shocked: she argues that Mrs. Western has always been a loving sister to Squire Western.
  • Sophia says that, if her aunt had died yesterday, she would have left her whole estate to Squire Western.
  • At the first mention of money, Squire Western suddenly comes to his senses and calms down.
  • He worries aloud that, if Mrs. Western died tomorrow, she might leave her cash to somebody else.
  • He decides that it's all Sophia's fault that he and his sister were arguing in the first place.
  • Sophia apologizes for being the (supposed) cause of their argument.
  • Squire Western rushes off to find his sister and make peace.
  • Sophia goes back into her room to cry over Tom.
  • Mrs. Honour tries to comfort her by listing off all the other men she could have in Tom's place.
  • This doesn't help Sophia, who finally orders Mrs. Honour out of the room.

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