Study Guide

Tom Jones Book 7, Chapter 7

By Henry Fielding

Book 7, Chapter 7

A Strange Resolution of Sophia and a More Strange Stratagem of Mrs. Honour

  • Mrs. Honour overhears Squire Western talking to Mr. Supple about a wedding the next day and runs to tell Sophia.
  • Sophia flips out (understandably) and asks Mrs. Honour what she should do.
  • Mrs. Honour suggests that she go ahead and marry Mr. Blifil.
  • Sophia answers that she would rather stab herself through the heart.
  • Finally, Sophia tells Mrs. Honour her plan: she is going to leave for London that night.
  • She wants Mrs. Honour to come with her.
  • Sophia has a lady relation in London who has frequently invited her to come and stay in the city.
  • This woman has teased Sophia in the past for being such an obedient daughter.
  • So Sophia is sure that she will not mind if Sophia arrives at her doorstep without Squire Western's permission.
  • Sophia will wait there for long enough for her father to cool down and see sense.
  • Mrs. Honour asks how she intends to get to London.
  • Sophia plans to grab one of the pistols from the hall and walk out the front door.
  • (Wow, Sophia is suddenly turning awesome. Who knew she had so much adventure in her?)
  • Sophia promises that she will reward Mrs. Honour if she comes along.
  • Mrs. Honour agrees.
  • She will provoke Squire Western into firing her that afternoon, leaving her free to get things ready for Sophia's escape that night.