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Tom Jones Book 8, Chapter 14

By Henry Fielding

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Book 8, Chapter 14

In Which the Man of the Hill Concludes His History

  • Watson explains to the MotH (Man of the Hill) that he is financially ruined.
  • If he doesn't get a hundred pounds ASAP, he's going to kill himself.
  • The MotH offers to lend Watson the cash, as long as he doesn't gamble it away.
  • At that moment, Watson's medical assistant comes running in.
  • He announces that the Duke of Monmouth has invaded from the West.
  • (The Duke of Monmouth was the illegitimate son of King Charles II. He thought he had a better claim to the throne than his uncle, King James II and VII and invaded England from Holland with a few supporters, but he totally failed to get even close to London. He was beheaded as a traitor in 1685.)
  • So the MotH and Watson both decide to join the Duke of Monmouth as quickly as possible, so they can help to overthrow James II.
  • The MotH gets slightly injured in the Battle of Sedgemoor, where the Duke is finally defeated.
  • He and Watson escape the battlefield.
  • As the MotH is getting treatment for his injury, Watson goes off and betrays the MotH to the troops of James II and VII.
  • The soldiers drag him off to jail.
  • The only thing that saves the MotH's life is a false alarm that sends all of the King's soldiers running off.
  • The MotH escapes, but he feels truly paranoid now.
  • The MotH finds this cottage, where he hides out until news of the Glorious Revolution (which led to James II's exile from England in 1688) reaches him.
  • Once he knows that it is safe to leave hiding, he goes to see his brother.
  • He gives up all right to their family property.
  • In exchange, his brother settles a lifetime income on the MotH for one thousand pounds a year (about $200,000—not too shabby!).
  • The MotH uses that money to travel all over Europe.
  • Tom wants to hear about his travels, as well.

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