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Tom Jones Book 8, Chapter 2

By Henry Fielding

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Book 8, Chapter 2

In Which the Landlady Pays a Visit to Mr. Jones

  • Once the lieutenant leaves, Tom can't go back to sleep.
  • He orders up some tea, and the landlady herself brings it to him.
  • The landlady finally gets her first look at Tom.
  • Since the lieutenant has assured her that Tom is a gentleman, she thinks that Tom has money.
  • So she wants to make sure that he is as comfortable and happy as possible.
  • The landlady promises Tom that he's worth much more than all those soldier fellows.
  • Tom mentions the name "Sophia."
  • The landlady answers as though she knows Sophia personally.
  • This is all the encouragement Tom needs.
  • He launches into a long rant about Sophia's perfections and his own grief at ever having caused her pain.
  • And then, Tom goes on about Squire Allworthy and how Tom has disappointed him.
  • He holds out his empty wallet to her as an explanation of his plan to join the army.
  • Tom's sudden explosion of feelings shuts up the landlady for a bit.
  • But she hears what (to her) is the most important part: Tom has been disinherited.
  • So Tom has no money.
  • The landlady flounces out of the room.

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