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Tom Jones Book 8, Chapter 3

By Henry Fielding

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Book 8, Chapter 3

In Which the Surgeon Makes His Second Appearance

  • The reason the landlady knows Sophia's name and some details of her family is that the lieutenant mentioned her as the reason for Tom's fight with Northerton.
  • In fact (of course) she has never met any of the Westerns in person.
  • Because Tom is an idiot, he believes the landlady when she says that Sophia has often stayed at this hotel—in fact, in this very room.
  • When the landlady leaves abruptly, Tom throws himself on the bed and thinks of Sophia.
  • The surgeon arrives to check on Tom while he's lying there.
  • The surgeon thinks that Tom needs to be bled again.
  • Tom refuses, because bleeding. Gross.
  • The surgeon warns Tom that he might die of fever in a month or two if Tom doesn't allow him to drain some of his blood right now.
  • Tom still refuses.
  • The surgeon goes down to the hotel kitchen to complain to the landlady about Tom.
  • The landlady warns the surgeon that Tom is not a rich man.
  • When Tom refuses once again to be bled, the surgeon says he won't treat Tom for another minute.
  • The surgeon stomps off, calling Tom a "vagabond" (8.3.14).

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