Study Guide

Tom Jones Book 8, Chapter 5

By Henry Fielding

Book 8, Chapter 5

A Dialogue Between Mr. Jones and the Barber

  • Little Benjamin and Tom sit down for their drink.
  • Little Benjamin if Tom is Tom Jones?
  • It turns out that he and Tom met many years ago, though Tom doesn't remember now.
  • Tom immediately trusts Little Benjamin, and starts telling him the whole story of his falling out with Squire Allworthy.
  • Little Benjamin is surprised: Tom's crimes don't sound that dire.
  • Tom admits that he thinks the "villainous arts" (a.k.a. the lies) of his "enemies" (8.5.4) influenced Squire Allworthy against him.
  • Little Benjamin asks about the girl who's at the heart of all of Tom's disasters.
  • Tom confesses her name: Sophia Western.
  • Little Benjamin is like, what? Little Sophia Western? I knew her dad when he was a kid. Time really flies, huh?
  • Little Benjamin promises he'll keep Tom's secrets.
  • The two men part for the night.