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Tom Jones Book 8, Chapter 7

By Henry Fielding

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Book 8, Chapter 7

Containing Better Reasons, Than Any Which Have Yet Appeared, for the Conduct of Partridge; and Apology for the Weakness of Jones; and Some Further Anecdotes Concerning My Landlady

  • Partridge isreally superstitious.
  • But it's not actually because of his dreams that he has decided to go with Tom.
  • Partridge is sure that Tom is Squire Allworthy's son.
  • He has also heard rumors that Tom is a wild and crazy guy.
  • He doesn't believe that Squire Allworthy kicked Tom out of the house.
  • Partridge believes that Tom ran away from home.
  • He thinks that, if he can stick by Tom and persuade him to go home, Squire Allworthy will reward him.
  • It never occurs to Tom that Partridge might have his own motives in joining him.
  • Partridge arrives, and Tom settles the bill for his stay at this inn.
  • The landlady doesn't bother to wish him bon voyage.
  • She still feels deeply snooty about Tom and his poverty.

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