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Tom Jones Book 9, Chapter 4

By Henry Fielding

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Book 9, Chapter 4

In Which the Arrival of a Man of War Puts a Final End to Hostilities, and Causes the Conclusion of a Firm and Lasting Peace Between All Parties

  • The new arrivals are a bunch of soldiers.
  • The woman (who is no longer truly half-naked, since she has covered her chest with a pillowcase) is sitting weeping in the kitchen with Tom.
  • The sergeant of the company goes into the kitchen to warm himself in front of the fire.
  • He spots the woman, and asks her if she is Captain Waters's wife?
  • She is. She adds that she would have been killed that day if not for Tom's help.
  • The sergeant is sure that Captain Waters will reward Tom.
  • The landlady immediately starts to apologize to Mrs. Waters.
  • She offers Mrs. Waters one of her own dresses.
  • Mrs. Waters initially refuses, because of the whole prostitute misunderstanding.
  • But Tom jumps in and says that she should forgive, forget, and borrow that dress.
  • So Mrs. Waters forgives the landlady, Tom forgives the landlord, and Partridge forgives Susan (though she bloodied his nose and he blacked her eye).
  • The sergeant is glad to see everyone making up all friendly-like.
  • So he proposes a toast, and everyone drinks together around the kitchen fire.
  • Finally, Tom and Mrs. Waters go up and eat the dinner Tom ordered up to his room at the beginning of the previous chapter.

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