Study Guide

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Chapter 27

By Mark Twain

Chapter 27

  • After a night of tossing and turning, Tom decides the previous evening's events were just a dream.
  • His hypothesis is quickly proven wrong. Turns out Huck remembers it too. So Tom and Huck set out trying to figure out where the money is hidden.
  • Tom decides that "Number Two" must refer to a room number in one of the town's two taverns. He heads out to do some research One of them, he quickly finds out, has been occupied by a lawyer, but the other is one is a mystery; according to the tavern keeper's son, it's always locked and is, perhaps, haunted.
  • Tom comes back and tells Huck what he's found; he's sure the treasure's hidden in the "mystery" room.
  • They plan on breaking into Number Two that evening. The two decide to gather up as many keys as they can – locks worked a bit differently back then – and keep an eye out for Injun Joe.